Launching Taxfix in new countries

Launching Taxfix in new countries

Successfully launched an MVP in Australia and a Live Market Test in Latin America in a few months.

During spring 2023, I worked together with the Incubator team at Taxfix, to explore future design directions of what launching Taxfix in a new country be like.

We launched a Live Market Test in Latin America and an MVP in Australia.
Along with a Madalena Santos, I was able to setup scrum rituals in the dev squad and the design team.

My contribution

Product strategy

Product design

Product vision

The team

1 x Product manager

2 x Product designer

4 x Developers



The flow for the Live Market Test
Onboarding flow and dashboard screen for Australia
Different variations were user tested for the refund screens
I always give clear handover documentation to the team


The Live Market Test succeeded with a higher-than-expected I2R (Installation-to-registration) rate.

We built the MVP for Australia using existing codebases from existing international products (Netherlands, Spain, Italy and Germany). But the product had to be internationalized for the targetted Australian userbase. I worked closely with the UX Research team to gather feedback and insights, from user interviews and usability testing, to make the product work for the user.

The MVP for Australia was released in July '23, and will now be used as a foundation to leapfrog development when launching in a new country