Sahil Dave - Product Designer

Hey there ✌️

I'm Sahil, a Freelance Product Designer based out of Berlin.

I am skilled at creating scalable and practical designs. As a former developer and founder, I understand the challenges of product development and implementation.

I also enjoy escaping rooms and writing about them.

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Collaborated with

Atla AI

AI Legal Assistant
Jun '23 - Jul '23


Feb '23 - May '23


Oct '21 - Jan ‘23


FinTech (Hardware)
Jan '21 — Jul ‘21

Urban Sports

Health Tech
Sept '18 — Dec ‘20



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I highly recommend Sahil as an exceptional product designer. With a strong understanding of the product development process, collaborative approach, and focus on design system principles, Sahil consistently delivers high-quality designs. Their iterative design process and easy-going nature make them a pleasure to work with. I fully endorse Sahil and would gladly collaborate with them again in the future.

Sahil is a very skilful and considerate designer who constantly strives to improve our design systems, tools and ways of working...

During the year that we've worked together, I've learned dozens of new things specifically from him... I often feel like an apprentice when reviewing his work (you should see his Figma files!).

Sahil is one of the best product designers I worked with throughout my career.

I was numerous times amazed by him proactively proposing improvements to complex usability problems and creating well-functioning proof of concepts and testable prototypes. His technical background combined with a strong focus on UX and design patterns and humble yet intrinsic motivated personal manner made him an invaluable team member and a very great person to spend time with.

Sahil was invaluable in setting up the product design processes and team structure during Urban Sport Club’s hyper growth. He balances the needs of the users and the business within technical restraints to great effect, shown by his huge contribution in delivering Urban Sport Club’s re-written app in React Native. Sahil has an extremely strong growth mentality and was key in creating and recruiting the Lead Product Designer role (a first for the company) and further hires within the team. He earned an excellent reputation within the team as a key performer and I thoroughly enjoyed working with him.